Guidelines for International Credentials

To place an individual with transcripts from foreign countries in the appropriate classification requires their educational background abroad be evaluated in terms of U.S. “equivalency.” Santa Fe College requires that all international evaluations be conducted by one of the companies affiliated with the National Association of Credentials Evaluation Services, Inc. (NACES). Results of evaluations should be submitted directly to an officer of the college or to the office of Human Resources.

Supporting materials include the following:

  • Documented results of the evaluation.
  • If the experience concerns international professional experience, letters from officials of foreign institutions of higher education verifying the academic relevance of the applicant.

The U.S. degree designation determined by the evaluation is the basis for a credentialing request and must be in alignment with practices outlined in this manual.  The “equivalency” document should accompany the credentialing request. 

As with all requests, the FCOC will review the information submitted and make recommendations to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for action.

For additional information see Appendix III.


Commitment to Equal Access and Equal Opportunity

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